Recommended Spots to Visit

We will introduce stylish spots and popular sweets recommended by our hotel.
Please use it as a reference for walking around the town.

Walking Around Gero Onsen Town

Gero Onsen Town
Gero PuddingA 12-minute walk from the hotel

Gero Onsen's first pudding specialty store. The retro atmosphere inside the store is both nostalgic and stylish. There is also an eat-in space that resembles a bathtub. Each pudding is handmade one by one in the on-site workshop, and one bite brings back the taste of nostalgic memories.

Gero Pudding
YuamiyaA 10-minute walk from the hotel

Please enjoy the sweets such as the popular hot spring eggs "Ondama Soft" and "Honwaka Pudding" heated in the hot spring water during your foot bath.
You will want to buy all of the original souvenirs that can only be bought here.

GERO GERO Milk StandA 12-minute walk from the hotel

A store offering drinks and sweets made from 100% local Gero milk. Stylish smoothies and milk bottle drinks with a biscuit on top are popular.

GERO GERO Milk Stand
GERO GERO Butter StandA 10-minute walk from the hotel

Sweets and souvenirs made with homemade butter made from rare cream of Gero milk are sold. Butter cookie sandwiches which you can eat while walking and grilled rice balls are also popular. There is also a footbath at the entrance that you can enter with a cow statue.

GERO GERO Butter Stand
YushimaanA 10-minute walk from the hotel

A long-established meat specialty shop. A set menu with three types of Nigiri; melting marbled nigiri, rich red meat nigiri, and roasted pork nigiri which the pigs are raised with Natto beans, is the most popular. Gero craft beer, the first in Japan using Gero beer, is also on sale.

Mori no KomichiA 10-minute walk from the hotel

A store of handmade gelato and freshly baked bread. Cute miscellaneous goods and Ghibli goods are lined up in the store. There is also a photo spot that recreates the world of Totoro, so parents and children can enjoy it together.

Mori no Komichi
Oreg CaféA 8-minute walk from the hotel

A cafe of Regnie, a popular confectionery store in Nagoya, has opened in Gero Onsen Town. The location offers a panoramic view of Gero City. Cakes and baked goods are lined up in the store, and hamburger and gratin are also available at lunchtime. Open only on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and holidays.

Oreg Café
Tochinomi Senbei SenjudoA 1-minute walk from the hotel

A store selling the famous Gero hot spring rice crackers "Tochinomi Senbei." Please try the soft Senbei with an "expiration period of 30 seconds" that can only be tasted here. In addition, you can also enjoy sweets such as Mont Blanc made with chestnut.

Tochinomi Senbei Senjudo

Local Sightseeing

Gassho no Sato where you can experience the original scenery of JapanGero Onsen
A 3-minute walk from the hotel

This museum reproduces a village with Gassho-zukuri houses that were relocated from Shirakawa-go and other areas.
You can experience the lifestyle and culture of the Gassho village at the Folk Museum, where agricultural and folk tools are displayed.
There is also a workshop where you can try painting pottery and making Sarubobo doll, as well as a restaurant.

Gero Onsen Gassho-mura
Ideyu Morning MarketA 1-minute walk from the hotel

It is held right next to our hotel. There are many shops lined up selling locally grown vegetables, local specialties and miscellaneous goods. You can find specialty products unique to Gero that can only be bought here.
(Closed during winter season from December to February)

Ideyu Morning Market
Gero Onsen TownA 10-minute walk from the hotel

Gero Onsen Town is within walking distance of all foot baths, gourmet food, and sightseeing spots. You can also enjoy a day hot spring tour with Yumeguri Tegata (Gero Onsen Pass).

Gero Onsen Town
Hida Takayama1 hour by car from our hotel

It is famous for its old streets that retain the atmosphere of a castle town. Sake breweries, Miso stores, cafes in traditional Japanese townhouses, and sundry goods stores are perfect for shopping as well as strolling around.

Hida Takayama
Shirakawa-go1 hour 50 minutes by car from our hotel

The village has a beautiful scenery with more than 100 Gassho-zukuri houses remaining, and people still live there, that can be said to be the original scenery of Japan.
It was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995.

Tsumago and Magome (Nakatsugawa)1 hour by car from our hotel

Nakasendo is one of the five major roads of the Edo period, and Tsumago and Magome are among its most popular spots. There are many inn towns that retain the Edo period appearance so that you can fully enjoy the emotional atmosphere.

Tsumago and Magome (Nakatsugawa)