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Corona measures

  • About new corona virus measures, correspondence to avoid 3 denseness

    As countermeasures for the new coronavirus, we are considering and implementing various countermeasures based on how we can avoid the Three Cs and how we can reduce the risk of infection.Please refer to it as we will inform you here.

    《Common Items》
    ●Avoid contact between employees and guests and guests as much as possible, and secure interpersonal distance (2m as a guide)
    ●To prevent infection, keep guests from getting crowded
    ●Infection prevention in lobbies, large communal baths, open-air baths, Irori An, Kangetsu, etc.
    ●Installation of "sodium hypochlorite" and "alcohol disinfection" at the entrance and in this facility
    ●We ask our customers to wear a mask inside the facility.
    ●Regular ventilation of the facility and guest rooms
    ●Regular disinfection in the facility
    ●Requests to customers for regular hand washing and disinfection

    ●Employee temperature measurement and health check are carried out at work
    ●We will thoroughly perform frequent hand washing and disinfection.
    ●Wearing a mask

    《Admission,Transfer,At check-in》
    ●We will confirm your identity
    ●We would like to ask for your cooperation in temperature measurement when entering the building.
    *If the temperature is over 37.5 degrees, we may ask you to consult the public health center.
    ●We thoroughly disinfect before carrying your baggage.
    ●Attach a vinyl sheet between the driver's seat and the rear seat of the shuttle car
    ●At the time of transfer, basic, 1 group once, maximum 2 groups 4 people
    ●Check-in is up to 2 groups in the lobby.When crowded, please wait in the car and we will guide you in order
    ●Acrylic board installed on the front desk to prevent splashing

    《Room information,Rooms》
    ●We will put room explanations and explanations of this facility in the room so that staff will not stay in the room for a long time
    ●We are preparing to have tea or coffee on arrival in your room.
    ●Alcohol disinfection for each room, we will prepare an alcohol sprayer in the room

    《Large Communal Bath,Open Air Bath,Private Bath》
    ●The use of the large communal bath is limited to a maximum of 5 people, and the open-air bath is restricted to a maximum of 3 people.
     We have introduced a bathroom congestion system in the room, so please have a look there.
    ●Shared amenities will be removed and personal amenities will be provided
    ●Please bring bath towels and face towels from each room.
    ●Space between the vanity and the washroom
    ●Ventilate and disinfect frequently

    ●Each room,Private Room in Restaurant,Kangetsu(Restaurant)
    ●Please ventilate during meals
    ●Wipe the table with alcohol(If you are allergic, please ask)
    ●In order to reduce the number of times you enter the room as much as possible, we also offer two items at the same time

    《Check Out》
    ●Please contact us for room adjustment
    ●We will disinfect every other customer's seat
    ●Room key will be disinfected after checkout

    《Service changes》
    ●We used to have a drink after bath, but we will suspend it for the time being to avoid crowding in the lobby.Thank you for your understanding.

    In addition, we have created a manual for each area and scene.
    We will do our utmost to ensure that our employees can work with peace of mind and that our customers are assured.

    If you are interested in further details, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.We will respond firmly.
  • Bathroom congestion status system

    Since March 2021, we have introduced a bathroom congestion status system.
    It is now possible to view the situation in real time in the room.

    Admission restriction
    ●Large Communal Bath:Up to 5 people
    ●Open Air Bath:Up to 3 people