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Kochoran no Ma detail page

  • Entrance to the slope
    You can enter the entrance with a wheelchair, and you can go straight through the slope into the room.
  • Washroom, handrail
    You can stay in a wheelchair and have a handrail next to the toilet bowl.
  • Wash basin
    You can put it on the front of the washstand with a wheelchair
  • Inner bath
    We can put on entrance of entrance to the inner bath while still in wheelchair
  • Inner bath, handrail
    Handrails are attached to the pillar next to the inner bath
  • Open bath, handrail from inside bath
    There is a handrail attached to the left pillar after leaving the indoor bath, and a silver handrail is attached to the part that enters the open-air bath.
  • Open-air bath, handrail and step
    There is a platform in front of the open-air bath, and a handrail is attached to the platform.
  • bedroom
    You can put it beside the bed with your wheelchair