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Information of Suihouen

Ransho, ~ Ransho ~

  • Taiga also its source is a small stream of Sakazuki the Sakazuki as Ukaberu
    The beginning of things from the word of 'Koshikego'.origin.
    Take the crowd of the city apart,
    Make clear the flowers to the body and mind under rich nature and tradition
    Gero for Gero.

    An important moment is more gentle, pleasant ...
    Suihouen called "hospitality heart" to visitors
    We are waiting for you to prepare Ransho.

User guide

  • ●There is no "cigarette vending machine" inside the facilities of Gero Onsen, Kaiseki Yado, Suihouen.
    From the entrance where the customer walks to the lobby, the corridor, to the room "Our heart of hospitality" We are keeping in mind the employees of Shuan Suihouen.
    Smoking is not permitted in the aisle / lobby, and if you install a tobacco vending machine, it can be caught by the feeling that you can smoke anywhere in the facility.
    We would like to taste the atmosphere of Kaiseki Yado by smoking.
    Thank you for your cooperation so that you can purchase it outside the library even if you have trouble.

    ●We are prohibiting the introduction of food and drink in principle.
    Please do not hesitate to tell us about health problems, etc. that can not be stopped.
    We appreciate your understanding.

    ●If the Annex Yuka Tei staying in, eat in Saryou Irori An (private room).

    ●From May 7, 2019, the entire building of the "Annex Yuka Tei" will be non-smoking. All guest rooms, the restaurant in the Irori An and the banquet hall in the main building are all non-smoking.
    Along with that, we will establish a smoking room in the corner of the main building.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  Owner

Outline of the facility

■Rooms, All 17 rooms■Main Building, "With open-air bath", 7 rooms in total
       ·Suite room English + Western room(Barrier-free)"Kochoran no Ma", Inner bath·Open Air Bath Included
        Dining R+Twin bed room+18 m² Japanese style room, A water shop, Massage chair
        Wheelchair accessible toilet, Standard toilet
      ·Junior Suite R + Western Style, "During the Yoimachigusa no Ma", Half open-air bath included
        Twin bed room+22 m² Japanese style room(Dining)

       ·Junior Suite R, "Suisen" 12.5+18 square meters
       ·, "Suikazura " 14+10 Square Meter Room, "Yu-kan" 18 square meters
       ·, "Hime Yuri" 18 square meters, "Hosenka " 16 square meters

       "Standard Room", 18 square meters, 1 room(With B · T), 22 square meters, 3 rooms(With BorS · T)

■Annex, Yuuka Tei, "Garden with open-air bath", All 2 rooms
       ·Junior Suite R + Western Style, "For Yuukyu no Ma", Garden with outdoor bath(Shower booth)
        Twin bed room+18 m² Japanese style room

       ·Junior Suite R 18 sq m+5 square meters, Digging kotatsu
                               Garden with outdoor bath(Shower booth)

       "Standard Room", 18 square meters+Costume room, 2 rooms, 18 square meters+5 square meters+Costume room, 2 rooms
                     Both (with B · S)
■Accommodation, 78 people■Check In, 14:00, ■Check Out, 10 o'clock
■Large Communal Bath■Blessed public bath, Yume-no-yu
■Women's public bath, Bijin-no-yu
■Public Observatory Open Air Bath■gentlemen, "Tono-no-yu", ■Lady 'Hime-no-yu'
■Private Bath■"Mutsumi-no-yu"(Outdoor bath·With inside bath)(Toll)
■"Musou-no-yu", (Inner bath only)Annex Yuka Tei only, (Free)
■Restaurant●Saryou, "Irori An"(Annex, Yuuka Tei
●Hida Beef Steak Saryo, "Kangetsu" STEAK, KANGETSU
■Banquet Hall■Big Hall, "Between the Hoonoma", 121 square meters
■Medium hall, "During Kujakunoma", 45 square meters
■Hotel Facilities■Souvenirs, "Akane"
■Lounge·Coffee, "Nadeshiko"
■Free ParkingPerfection, 25 units, Motorcoach(Yes)

In-facility floor plan