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Our president, Hand-drawn menu

Gero Onsen, Kaiseki Yado, Suihouen, Monthly kaiseki

Kaiseki Yado, Suihouen, warmth is warm, cold is cold.
Take heart with your cooking.

I put the meaning of staying in my everyday life and called it "emotional kaiseki dish".

This month's dishes

  • Gero Onsen, Specialty, Hida Beef(Hida Gyu)

    Hida Road, Specialty of Gero Onsen, "Hida Beef"

    It is fine, very soft, characterized by melting frosting,
    You can enjoy the rich fragrance and taste by choosing your meat in your mouth.

    "Hida Beef" who established the position as Japan's leading brand wagyu.
    Its meat is fine and soft, it features a marbling like marbling and rich flavor.

    The blessed natural environment of Hida and the pedigree built up over the years.And please relish "Hida Beef" which interior weaving superior production technology.

    ■Definition of Hida Beef

    The definition of Hida Beef fall into three broad categories.

    It is three kinds, that the variety is Japanese black Japanese species, that it has been fattened for over 14 months in Gifu prefecture, and the meat quality rating of the Japanese meat rating association divided into 5 stages is 3 or more.

    Only beef that meets these conditions will be certified as Hida Beef.

    Beef that only meat quality grade has not reached standard is "Hida Wagyu".

    So, if the meat quality grade is 5 to 3, it will be Hida Beef, in the case of 2 or 1 it will be Hida Wagyu.

    The higher the value of meat quality grade, the more beef is more fine and delicious.

    When it comes to the top class, marbling in pink red leaves with exquisite balance, it is said to produce melting texture and a little sweetness.

    Its softness and umami are so much to be said as a work of art no longer.
  • Gero Special Rice, Gin no Mikazuki (Gin no Mikazuki)

    ■Gero Special Rice, Gin no Mikazuki (Gin no Mikazuki)

    This rice that won the Grand Prix at the national rice contest
    It is characterized by having a lot of moisture content and having elasticity and stickiness that it was rice crisp like cooked rice.
    It has about 1.5 times the size of Koshihikari.

    ●In the main building, at dinner in each room "cook with earthen pot"
    We offer it at dinner at 'Annex Yuka Tei' and 'Hida Beef Steak Saryo, Kangetsu (Kangetsu)' at 'Kamado cook'.

    The feature of "Gin no Mikazuki" is that the rice grain is large and it contains a white line.This means that it is like a crescent moon.

    "Silver" is beautiful white rice.

    "Silver" pointing to beautiful white.A polished, beautiful symbol of rice grain.
    I write that "moon" comes out "朏 (Mika Zuki)".
    This is an alias for the crescent moon,
    "朏" (ひ) is the first time to open up to appear,
    It is the original intention,
    It shows that the appearance of the moon is visible for the first time.

    "Exit" is a series of "mountain".

    As of the very first of the crescent moon floating in the beautiful mountains, it was born from Hida of the earth, Inochi no Ichi
    Now, again in the beginning, here alone, only here
    It is rice that tastes the natural life.

    ■For breakfast, we offer "Hatsushimo" which is freshly cooked Gifu prefecture production.
    It is crisp and tasty throughout the year.

    The feature of Hatsushimo is that the decline in taste is extremely small even after the rainy season, and the quality and taste are stable throughout the year.It was a large grain late yeast, the origin of the name was brought up carefully until about the time of the first frost.The appearance of the rice and the crispy texture are wonderful, and there is a reputation for outstanding taste.
  • Gero Onsen, Kaiseki Yado, Suihouen, Chief Chef, Introduction

    Tanaka, Jyoji(Jyoji Tanaka)
    Born in 1964
    Shien training at a restaurant, school Shien, hotel, Kawakyu etc,
    Japanese cuisine, Yoshikawa, Rihga Royal Hotel Niihama, serving as a Japanese cooking chief chef
    Suihouen Gero Onsen, Kaiseki Yado, Suihouen, Chief Chef.
  • Reiwa July 4th Cuisine

    Monthly kaiseki cuisine, this is a dish from July 4th year of Reiwa.

    The specialty is “Hida Beef” from the Hida brand.
    As for rice, we use Gero Special Rice Gin no Mikazuki Gero Special Rice “Gin no Mikazuki”, which has won a gold medal at the National Rice Competition.

Special Dishes

All cooking consumption tax not included
  • Breakfast at Suihouen

    Made in the morning in the garden of Gero with freshly picked eggs, but rolled eggs are provided.
    Park leaf miso is also available, and please according to the rice.
  • Hida Beef steak

    Hida Beef A4 sirloin           Hida Beef A5 fin
    100g:7,480 yen(Consumption tax included)  100g:10,780 yen(Consumption tax included)
    150 g:11,220 yen(Consumption tax included)  150 g:16,170 yen(Consumption tax included)
    200g:14,960 yen(Consumption tax included)  200g:21,560 yen(Consumption tax included)   
    250g:18,700 yen(Consumption tax included)  250g:26,950 yen(Consumption tax included)
    300 g:22,440 yen(Consumption tax included)  300 g:32,340 yen(Consumption tax included)

  • Hida Beef BokuYo miso steak

    1 serving:3,630 yen(Consumption tax included)

    The taste of Hida Beef and magnolia miso is exquisite.
  • Assorted sashimi

    From 2 servings:From 7,260 yen (tax included)

    You can enjoy fresh sashimi in the mountains.