We sincerely refuse to take outpatient baths for the time being to prevent new coronavirus infections.
You can use the private open-air bath as usual.

Gero Onsen, Kaiseki Yado, Suihouen (Suihouen)【Official】

New Restaurant Japanese Cuisine Fuchuan Hanaka Open

  • From Thursday, March 10, 2022

    We have abolished some of the room meals so far and are eating at this restaurant.
    ※Main building suite room Kochoran no Ma room, junior suite Yoimachigusa no Ma room, Annex Yuka Tei Kaetsu no Ma room are room meals.
     As an inn that has been serious about cooking, we have decided that we want to serve food in the best condition, reduce the burden on working staff, and reduce the risk of infection as much as possible with coronavirus.
     A completely private room is not suitable as a virus countermeasure.Therefore, we aimed to create a high-quality special space that is easy to ventilate and that values private space!
    Enjoy cooking more than ever.
    Outpatient use is also possible.Reservations only from 17:30 to 21:30 

Suihouen Online Shop

  • Suihouen Online Shop

    Suihouen have opened the official online shop of Suihouen.

    Served for dinner"Flat-reared egg pudding"
    Of tea confectionery"Silver chiffon cake"
    Breakfast"Dashimaki Tamago"

    A breakfast set including omelet rolls is also available!

    I would like to gradually increase the number of products.
    Suihouen that you can enjoy the taste of Suihouen at home
    We will create a fun online shop.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

About new coronavirus measures

  • About the new coronavirus response

    The number of people infected with the new coronavirus has not been reduced, and we still have to work hard to prevent infection.

    Therefore, we have established our own guidelines and have created a manual for employees.

    We want our customers to stay the same as before, but now we have to take various actions.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in various ways.

    For more information, please contact us by phone or email on the Corona Countermeasures page.

Kaiseki Yado Suihouen, 3 attractions

  • Charms① Room meals, kaiseki cuisine in a private room

    You can enjoy the Kaiseki cuisine of this facility in your room or private room.
    It has been named "Falling Kaiseki" with the meaning of cooking that will last forever.
    For monthly dishes, carefully select ingredients appropriate to the season, local ingredients,
    We use brand beef "Hida Beef" which shined in Japan for specialty food.
    A miracle rice born in Gero that has won a gold award in the US competition!
    We offer "Gin no Mikazuki" with Kamado and simmered pots.
    《About 1.5 times the size of Koshihikari! 》
    Warm ones are warm, cold ones are cold,
    We offer a loving, loving food for the maker.
  • Attraction 2, Room with Open Air Bath

    Of the 17 rooms, there are 9 rooms with open-air baths.
    With an open-air bath in the room, you can enter anytime you want,
    You can enjoy leisurely at your own time.

    Each of the nine open-air baths in this facility is attached to a different room.
    You can choose a room or open-air bath that meets your needs.

    *This photo is an open-air bath of "Suite, Kochoran no Ma".
  • Attraction 3, Hida Beef Steak Saryo, Kangetsu, STEAK KANGETSU

    Hida Beef Saryo "KANGETSU" opened in April 2017 Hida Beef Saryo "KANGETSU".
    Hida Beef dish that uses Hida Beef as a main dish and Japanese and Italian dishes.

    It is available only for dinner
    You can also get served your dinner also of hotel guests Kangetsu

    We have received many reputations of cooking since it opened.
    Enjoy the Kangetsu's cuisine, which now boasts of Suihouen.

    *Specifically, please see the page of Kangetsu, which is at the bottom.
     I think you can understand the atmosphere of the seat.

Full day plan

  • ☆Day lunch plan☆

    ●Lunch + hot spring bathing plan(Fare...Hot spring bath + 1,100 yen)
    *This will be stopped for the time being.

    ●Lunch + private bath plan
    (Price...5,500 yen (tax included) or 7,700 yen (tax included) lunch
     Private bath is +2,200 yen for 2 people +1,100 yen for each additional person)

    If you wish to make a reservation, please contact Suihouen.

Suihouen will guide you Suihouen the four seasons of Suihouen with videos.This month is spring.

  • You can video see the spring of Suihouen

    Starting with sightseeing in Gero Onsen, we will introduce information on the facilities at Suihouen, rooms, dishes, and open-air baths.
    The customers who stay in Suihouen, take a look, I think you'll meaningful to use your precious time in the Gero Onsen

    In spring, there is also the scenery of the cherry blossoms in Gero Hot Springs Gassho Mura, which is right in front of Suihouen.
    You can also view from the room with open-air bath, so you can relax and enjoy your own time.
    ※There are some scenes where you wear bath towels while taking a bath, but you can not take a bath with clothes such as bath towels when shooting.

Hida Beef Steak Saryo, Kangetsu, STEAK KANGETSU

  • Suihouen Store, Hida Beef Steak Saryo, Kangetsu, STEAK KANGETSU

    Suihouen House Directly Managed by Suihouen, "Hida Beef Steak Saryo, Kangetsu" (Hida Gyu Giraffe, Kangetsu)

    It can be used for lunch and dinner.
    We also have accommodation plan that you can have dinner in Kangetsu.
    For accommodation plan, please call directly or
    Please check from the reservation plan page.

    ☆Lunch + room break, hot spring bathing set plan is also available.
    ·Kangetsu lunch+Private outdoor bath set
    ·Kangetsu lunch + one-day hot spring bathing set(It has stopped for the time being)

    * For details about Kangetsu, please click on the title (tap) and have a look.
  • Hida Beef Steak Saryo, Kangetsu, STEAK KANGETSU's cuisine

    Hida Beef Saryo "KANGETSU" opened in April 2017 Hida Beef Saryo "KANGETSU".
    Hida Beef dish that uses Hida Beef as a main dish and Japanese and Italian dishes.

    It is available only for dinner
    You can also get served your dinner also of hotel guests Kangetsu

    We have received many reputations of cooking since it opened.
    Enjoy the Kangetsu's cuisine, which now boasts of Suihouen.

Annex Yuka Tei, Saryou, Irori An

  • Annex Yuka Tei, Saryou, Irori An

    Annex Yuka Tei staying at the Annex Yuka Tei,
    At the "Saryo Irorian", you can dig in the dining room and have a seat in the chair.
    We will prepare in the private room in the morning and evening.

    Hida Beef can be baked delicious by far infrared effect of the lava board!
    Hida Beef can be enjoyed for course meal.

    You can prepare your seat in a private room for 2 to 12 people.

    Also, you can use only meals.(Business hours 17:30 to 21:30)
    Drink LO 21:00

    8,000 yen·¥ 10,000·12,000 yen·15,000 yen(Service charge included·tax excluded)
    You can choose from the course.
  • Annex Yuka Tei, Saryou, Irori An

    Irori An
    Completely private room (between stars) You can enjoy it without hesitation for other guests who have a feeling of privacy.
  • Annex Yuka Tei, Saryou, Irori An

    Private Room, (While empty)

    In addition, there are six rooms in the private room between the furnaces.

Hotel Facilities

  • Geruma's footbath (Geruma no Ashi-yu)

    Under the Gassho Mura of Gassho Mura, Foot bath of our hotel.Because germanium is put in the middle of the piping
    I named it "Geruma (Geruma)".

    Long ago, it is said that there was a place name of a Shimodomari (Shimodomari), a Shimodomari, a Shimodomari, and the Shimodomari was "げ → げ ろ".  Currently, Gero → Bungalow → Takuro, exists.
    I Geruma the footbath of "Geruma", gel, and the polish, and Geruma.

    Germanium bath is said to have various effects.

    ※We will stop using it for the time being.
  • Souvenir shop, "Akane"

    Gero Onsen, Kaiseki Yado, Suihouen 2F, lobby

    Sarubobo (lucky charm) Hida's doll 'Sarubobo (lucky charm)', souvenirs at Gero Onsen,
    Suihouen original product is also available.
  • lobby lounge

    Lounge Nadeshiko Nadeshiko

    Bright and beautiful front desk lobby lounge

    You can also enjoy the well-kept Japanese garden at night.
    Coffee and local beer can be used in the lobby lounge.

    ●Opening Hours
    a.m.:From 7:30 to 10:30
    afternoon:From 14:00 to 21:30


  • Access to Gero Onsen, Kaiseki Yado, Suihouen

    【In the case of a train】
    Get off at JR Takayama Main Line Gero Station (with transfer) About 4 minutes by car

    JR Nagoya Station ↔ JR Gero Station, Direct bus, Round trip 3,700 yen, One way 2,800 yen (There is a transfer)
    *Direct bus reservations can be made at this facility. Please call us.

    【In case of car】
    ●About 60 minutes via R257 from Chuo Expressway, Nakatsugawa IC.
    ●Tokai ring motorway, Tomica function R41 via about 70 minutes from the R58 than the IC
    ●From Tokai Hokuriku Expressway, Gujo Hachiman IC From R256 to R256 Tunnel ~ R41, about 65 minutes

    ■Pick-up presence (condition)
    About 4 minutes from JR Gero Station, advance booking necessary, please contact us before getting on board.
    We will pick you up after 13:30.

    For details, please visit the access page.

Transportation car, Toyota Classic

  • Transportation car from JR Gero Station, Toyota Classic

    We are free to transfer from JR Gero Station.

    Customers of 2 to 3 will be transferred by this "Toyota Classic".
    To commemorate the 60th anniversary of mass-produced car sales in 1996, Toyota Motor
    It is a valuable car that produced 100 limited nationally.

    Gero Station possible after Gero Station 13:30 minutes.
    Please feel free to ask when exploring Gero Onsen Town.

    Four to five people are traveling in the UK, and we are able to transfer by London taxi.

Free wifi

  • Complete Free Wifi in the whole building

    You can use Free wifi in the lobby, rooms and anywhere in the facility.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.