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  • Main building building with outdoor bath

    Main Building Suite Room, Kochoran no Ma

    18 m² Japanese style room+dining room+Twin bed room
    Inner bath+Open Air Bath

    You can also move in the wheelchair from the entrance to the bedroom
    There are also two restrooms.

    Recommended for 3 generations trip.
  • Annex, Yuuka Tei, Room with Open Air Bath

    Annex, Yuuka Tei, Junior Suite, Yuukyu no Ma

    18 m² Japanese style room+Twin bed room
    Garden outdoor bath

    An outdoor bath of a garden type different from the main building
    The annex is a special space only for adults.

Hotel Facilities

  • Souvenir shop, "madder"

    Suihouen 2F, lobby

    Starting with Hida's doll 'Sarubo', souvenirs at Gero Onsen,
    Suihouen original product is also available.
  • Geruma's footbath

    Under the Gassho Mura of Gassho Mura, Foot bath of our hotel.Since it contains germanium in the middle of piping, I named it "Geruma (gumma)".

    It is said that there was a place name of a gangster (lodging), a clasp, and a climb, and that the deposit became "げ → げ ろ". Currently, Gero → Bungalow → Takuro, exists.
    I gave him the name of "Geruma" of "Geruma", gelled by the gel, and polished, and germanium.

    Germanium bath is said to have various efficacy.
  • Hida Beef Steak Saryo, Kangetsu, STEAK KANGETSU, ←, Kangetsu

    Suihouen House Directly Managed by Suihouen, "Hida Beef Steak Saryo, Kangetsu"

    It is adjacent to Suihouen and can be used for lunch and dinner.
    We also have accommodation plan that you can have dinner in Kangetsu.

    * For details about Hida Beef Steak Saryo, Kangetsu, please click on the title (tap) and have a look.


  • Access to Suihouen

    JR Takayama Main Line Gero Station get off at JR Takayama Main Line Gero Station, pick up and have it, it is about 4 minutes by reservation car

    In case of car, it is approximately 60 minutes via R257 from Chuo Expressway, Nakatsugawa IC.
          From the Tokai ring road, Takeaki IC, R58 to R41 approximately 1 hour 20 minutes

    Pick-up presence (condition)
    About 4 minutes from JR Gero Station, advance booking necessary, please contact us before getting on board.
    It will be picked up after 13:30.

    For details, please visit the access page.

Free wifi

  • Complete Free Wifi in the whole building

    You can use Free wifi anywhere in the lobby, room facilities.

Booking·Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us.