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This time, the homepage of Gero Onsen, Kaiseki Yado, Suihouen has been renewed.
For this reason, we are sorry to trouble you,
For customers who made reservations on the former homepage before June 5, 2018 (Tue)
If there is any change in reservation content, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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Hida Beef Steak Saryo, Kangetsu, STEAK KANGETSU, "The building of the moon"

  • Suihouen retail store, Hida Beef Steak Saryo, Kangetsu, STEAK KANGETSU ← See Kangetsu

    Suihouen House Directly Managed by Suihouen, "Hida Beef Steak Saryo, Kangetsu" (Hida Gyu Giraffe, Kangetsu)

    It is adjacent to Suihouen and can be used for lunch and dinner.
    We also have accommodation plan that you can have dinner in Kangetsu.
    As for the accommodation plan, please contact us directly by phone or check the reservation plan page.

    ☆We also have a great lunch + hot spring bathing plan.
    ·Kangetsu lunch+Private outdoor bath set
    ·Kangetsu lunch+One-day hot spring bathing set

    Please contact us by phone to tell "I saw HP"

    * For details about Kangetsu, please click on the title (tap) and have a look.
  • Kangetsu, "The building of the moon", Counter seats

    Reality that the chef cooks in front of you.
    Please enjoy authentic teppanyaki steak at counter seat.(It will be used for course over ¥ 10,000)
  • Kangetsu, "The building of the moon", Table seat

    Use solid chestnut tree for flooring flooring.
    Hida decorated with Hida furniture,
    The chair centering on the luxury brand "Mactab".

    A semi-private room can enjoy steaks while having fun conversations in a space with spread.

Hida Beef Steak Saryo, Kangetsu, STEAK KANGETSU, "Star Building"

  • Kangetsu, "Star Building", Four-seat table seat

    Hoshino Wing, 4 seats
  • Kangetsu, "Star Building", Six-seat table seat

    Hoshino Wing, 6 seats
  • Kangetsu, "Star Building", Ten-seat table seat

    Six-seat and 4-seat seating in one room
    It is a private room that can accommodate up to 10 people.

Annex Yuka Tei, Saryou, Irori An

  • Annex Yuka Tei, Saryou, Irori An

    Annex Yuka Tei guests who stayed at the Annex Yuka Tei, we will prepare in the private room with morning and evening sitting at the Saryou ceremony and the seats of the chair seats at the Saryou and the Irori An.
     Hida Beef can be baked delicious by far infrared effect of the lava board!
    Hida Beef can be enjoyed for course meal.

    You can prepare your seat in a private room for 2 to 12 people.
    Also, you can use only meals.
    8,000 yen·¥ 10,000·12,000 yen·15,000 yen(Service charge included·tax excluded)
    You can choose from the course.

Hotel Facilities

  • Geruma's footbath (Ashi no Ashi)

    Under the Gassho Mura of Gassho Mura, Foot bath of our hotel.Since it contains germanium in the middle of piping, I named it "Geruma (gumma)".

    It is said that there was a place name of a gangster (lodging), a clasp, and a climb, and that the deposit became "げ → げ ろ". Currently, Gero → Bungalow → Takuro, exists.
    I gave him the name of "Geruma" of "Geruma", gelled by the gel, and polished, and germanium.

    Germanium bath is said to have various efficacy.
  • Souvenir shop, "madder"

    Gero Onsen, Kaiseki Yado, Suihouen 2F, lobby

    Starting with Hida's doll 'Sarubo', souvenirs at Gero Onsen,
    Suihouen original product is also available.


  • Access to Gero Onsen, Kaiseki Yado, Suihouen

    Get off at JR Takayama Main Line Gero Station, (with pick-up service), approximately 4 minutes by reservation car

    JR Nagoya Station ↔ JR Gero Station, Direct bus, Round trip 3,700 yen, One way 2,800 yen
             (Shuttle service available)

    In case of car, ●About 60 minutes via R257 from Chuo Expressway, Nakatsugawa IC.
          ●About 70 minutes from R58 via R41 from Tokai ring road, Fujiki IC
          ●From Tokai Hokuriku Expressway, Gujo Hachiman IC From R 256 Sasa Yuri Tunnel ~ R 41
             Via approximately 65 minutes

    ■Pick-up presence (condition)
    About 4 minutes from JR Gero Station, advance booking necessary, please contact us before getting on board.
    It will be picked up after 13:30.

    For details, please visit the access page.

Free wifi

  • Complete Free Wifi in the whole building

    You can use Free wifi anywhere in the lobby, room facilities.

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